Should the 2025 Toyota Camry get a GR version?

Jet Sanchez
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Video / Theottle YouTube channel

Toyota has been on a mission to come out with increasingly exciting vehicles. Transforming models like the Yaris and Corolla from mundane to compelling, Toyota's design evolution has even given the Camry, a traditionally conservative model, a sportier edge. The speculative question now arises: What if Toyota took the next bold step with a GR (Gazoo Racing) version of the 2025 Camry?

Conceptualising a GR Camry

Toyota GR Camry

The concept of a GR Camry, while still in the realm of imagination, has been brought to life by the skilled designer Theottle. His renderings blend elements from the dynamic GR Corolla with the recently unveiled 2025 Camry, resulting in a visually striking design.

Theottle's approach began with adapting the front end of the GR Corolla for the Camry, adjusting it to harmonize with the sedan's dimensions. The Camry's original headlights remain, merging seamlessly with the aggressive bumper and expansive black grille characteristic of its hatchback counterpart.

Stylistic enhancements and design tweaks

Toyota GR Camry

The makeover extends beyond the front fascia. Theottle has added black GR wheels with a tight spoke design, coupled with flared front and rear fenders. The side skirts from the GR Corolla have been adapted to the sedan, enhancing its sporty profile.

At the rear, the modifications are equally striking. A fixed wing, tinted taillights, a bespoke bumper, a blacked-out diffuser, and the triple tailpipe design, reminiscent of the GR Corolla, complete the transformation.

The possibility of reality

The burning question is whether Toyota will turn this concept into a production reality. While it remains an exciting possibility, the likelihood is uncertain. 

Should Toyota decide to proceed, a critical decision would be the powertrain choice: either an enhanced version of the turbocharged three-cylinder engine with a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system, as seen in the GR Corolla, or perhaps a more potent turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Having said all that, we at DRIVEN Car Guide would like to get your opinion - should Toyota release a GR version of the 2025 Camry? Answer the poll below and let us know!


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