Zooming with DRIVEN NZ COTY special Part 1: the best SUVs of the year

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Yes, we're back! Zooming with DRIVEN (now DRIVEN Car Guide, of course) has returned for a limited-run series - as is the fashion in the streaming age - as we kick off our 2023 AA DRIVEN Car Guide New Zealand Car of the Year programme, this year sponsored by Winger Motors.

This week Sam, Dean and David are in the studio to look at the finalists for our first three categories: Small SUV, Medium SUV and Large SUV. We also take a look at this Saturday's print issue, which features the Porsche Rennsport Reunion.

If you'd like a few less talking heads and a few more written words, please check out our online stories for those first three COTY categories. You'll find Small SUV here, Medium SUV here and Large SUV here.

Look out for more Zooming each Friday as we count down the COTY finalists - all the way to the grand final and announcement of the overall winner on December 1.

And if you're keen on winning $5000 of fuel or EV charge, vote in our Peoples Choice award. You can do that using the voting form below. Good luck and keep watching!


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