Xiaomi SU7: budget Porsche rival adds 6 new colour options

Jet Sanchez
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Few people could have predicted that Chinese tech brand Xiaomi would launch its first vehicle before smartphone rival Apple did, yet here we are: the Xiaomi SU7 has been a hit in China, receiving over 100,000 orders while outpacing production estimates of 60,000 units in 2024.

Often compared to the Porsche Taycan due to its suspiciously familiar design cues, Xiaomi's SU7 brings incredible value to the table with impressive specs, neat tech integrations and a compelling price range that starts at just ¥215,000 (around NZ$50k).

The recent launch of this electric sports sedan also saw Xiaomi giving fans another surprise as it revealed six more colour options, adding to the initial three choices.

A pop of colour

The Xiaomi SU7, known for its refined exterior and advanced tech features, now appeals to more tastes with the colour additions. 

The new lineup includes Meteor Blue, a soft light blue that exudes tranquillity; Radiant Purple, which adds a touch of romance; Basalt Gray for a sophisticated metallic finish; Lava Orange, bursting with energy; Pearl White, offering a lustrous, dimensional sheen; and Diamond Black, a deep blue-black that combines elegance with mystery.

Xiaomi SU7 Colours

Of course, the original three paint schemes include Aqua Blue, Verdant Green and Mineral Gray.

The interior trim choices of Galaxy Gray, Twilight Red, Mist Purple and Obsidian Black further complement the exterior, allowing for a personalised touch.

Sleeper performance

Xiaomi SU7 Max performance

The Xiaomi SU7 delivers on the performance front, boasting up to 495kW on the range-topping Max variant through a dual-motor, all-wheel drive setup. This enables the electric vehilce (EV) to go from 0 to 100km/h in 2.78 seconds, approaching the Taycan Turbo GT's 2.2 seconds. 

Charging is perhaps equally impressive, with the SU7 Max offering a range boost of over 500km after just 15 minutes of charging. 

The mid-spec SU7 Pro offers the most autonomy with up to 830km of claimed range under the CLTC protocol.

More than a car

Xiaomi SU7 interior

Xiaomi says the SU7 is not just a vehicle but a rolling smart tech hub. 

Its 16.1-inch, 3K-resolution central control screen and expansive 56-inch head-up display (HUD) offer an immersive interface for driver interaction. 

Powered by Xiaomi's new HyperOS, cross-device compatibility with over 1000 Xiaomi smart home devices (including smartphones and tablets) creates a near-seamless ecosystem.

This integration enables a unique experience where the owner gains innovative smart car and home features, blending the boundaries between intelligent living spaces and electric mobility.

What's next for the Xiaomi SU7?

Xiaomi SU7 New Zealand

Now for some bad news. Xiaomi has yet to confirm whether it will bring its first EV into the global market, but that's understandable given its current struggles ramping up production in China.

This is Xiaomi's first model after all, and expansion will inevitably take time. But that should only allow the company to refine its vehicles, especially as it aims to follow up the SU7 with an electric SUV later this year.


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