Xiaomi SU7: tech giant's first EV is a stylish, futuristic sports sedan

Jet Sanchez
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Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has officially thrown its hat into the electric vehicle (EV) ring, revealing in full its highly anticipated first-ever vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7. The sleek new battery electric vehicle (BEV) marks a significant shift in the company's focus, venturing beyond smartphones and consumer electronics into the burgeoning world of electric mobility.

Sleek design with a splash of tech

Xiaomi SU7 electric vehicle

Based on the first images, The SU7 is a sporty sedan that fits a modern, if not slyly derivative aesthetic. Its elongated silhouette, measuring nearly 5 metres in length, brings sophistication with minimalist lines and a subtly sloping roofline. Sharp LED headlights and a panoramic sunroof further accentuate its contemporary appeal. But hidden underneath the sleek exterior lies a treasure trove of technological prowess.

The SU7 comes in two configurations: a rear-wheel drive (RWD) variant with 220kW and a more potent all-wheel drive (AWD) version packing a punch with 495kW. Both options promise exhilarating performance, with the top speed for the AWD model reaching a thrilling 265 km/h. 

Xiaomi SU7 electric vehicle

But Xiaomi's ambitions extend beyond power. The SU7 will receive the company's self-developed HyperOS, an operating system unveiled earlier this year and designed to integrate the car with Xiaomi's ecosystem. The SU7 promises a distinctly seamless driving experience with smartphone and smart home connectivity features.

Ambitious vision, cautious optimism

Xiaomi SU7 electric vehicle

The unveiling of the SU7 marks a pivotal moment for Xiaomi, showcasing its desire to carve a niche in the fiercely competitive EV landscape. The company has pledged a substantial US$10 billion (around NZ$15.7 billion) investment in the automotive sector, aiming to become one of the world's top five carmakers within the next decade. In doing so, Xiaomi takes the fight to fellow Chinese behemoth BYD and the EV pioneers at Tesla.

However, analysts remain cautious. The Chinese EV market is already saturated with established players, and Xiaomi is a newcomer facing stiff competition. Concerns regarding supply chain constraints and potentially exorbitant price tags for the SU7 also linger.

Xiaomi SU7 electric vehicle

Despite these uncertainties, the SU7's unveiling has undoubtedly sent ripples through the industry. Xiaomi's foray into EVs, with its focus on tech integration and user experience, could potentially disrupt the market and redefine the future of driving. 

While the road ahead for the SU7 is long and winding, Xiaomi's bold entrance into the EV race promises to be an exciting watch for both tech and car enthusiasts alike.


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