Scrap Your Ex: the ultimate car-tharsis this Valentine’s Day

Jet Sanchez
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Joe is one unlucky bloke.

Joe is one unlucky bloke.

Are you looking for a unique way to get over your ex this Valentine’s Day?

You're in luck, as Scrap Car Comparison is offering the ultimate heartbreak remedy - and it’s delightfully cheeky.

The vehicle scrappage comparison site is giving spurned lovers around the globe the chance to name a car destined for the scrap heap after their not-so-loved one.

Out with the old, in with the new... literally

Scrap Your Ex Scrap Car Comparison

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a bummer for people nursing a freshly broken heart. But the company's new scheme, ‘Scrap Your Ex’, is not just a witty play on words - it’s a cathartic experience, or as they cleverly dub it, ‘car-tharsis’.

Ultimate closure

Scrap Your Ex Scrap Car Comparison
What did you do, Harry?

Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your ex’s name emblazoned on a car that’s about to meet its metal maker. 

That's the gift Scrap Car Comparison is offering anyone looking for closure rather than chocolates this 14th of February. 

The process is as simple as entering your former flame’s name on a form on their website. And voila! You might just see their namesake vehicle heading for vehicular heaven - or well, you know.

High demand

Scrap Your Ex Scrap Car Comparison

David Kottaun, Operations Manager at Scrap Car Comparison, sheds light on this unconventional initiative: “Unfortunately, all of us will likely have been through a breakup at some point in our lives, and we realise how hard it can be to get over and move on. 

"We hope by providing this unique form of closure, symbolically scrapping an ex will help people to leave their heartbreak behind for good.”

Scrap Your Ex Scrap Car Comparison
Oh, Sam.

However, due to what we expect to be a frenzy of heartbroken individuals, not every ex’s name can grace a doomed car. 

The company will try their best to accommodate as many names as possible, and the lucky ones will even receive photographic evidence of their ex’s namesake meeting its demise.

Scrap Your Ex: how to join the bandwagon

Scrap Your Ex Scrap Car Comparison

Interested? You better be quick. The online form closes on Valentine’s Day itself. So, visit Scrap Car Comparison's website and fill out a simple form with your ex’s name and a brief reason for your nomination. 

Who knew moving on could be so destructively joyful?

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