Holden-loving couple receive new Commodore for Valentine's Day

Matthew Hansen
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Steve and Joy Fabish, with their new Holden Commodore. Photo / supplied

Steve and Joy Fabish, with their new Holden Commodore. Photo / supplied

Valentine's Day is almost over, but there's still time for us to cram in some warm fuzzies before normality resumes at midnight.

These fuzzies come express from Holden, and Taranaki couple Steve and Joy Fabish. 

The pair are long-term Holden fans, having established their own Holden Museum just last year. It's a 1050 square meter Holden shrine, featuring 33 cars depicting various points in the manufacturer's history.

And that fleet grew by one today, when touring-car ace and now aspiring rallying ace Greg Murphy surprised the pair earlier today with the delivery of a new Holden Commodore VXR — making Steve and Joy the first in New Zealand to own one.

With the car came the following letter, penned by none other than Executive Vice President of GM International Barry Engle. 

"Dear Steve and Joy,

Happy Valentine’s Day.

When I heard about how much you love Holden, I wanted you to know that Holden loves you too. Holden and Kiwis ‘go way back’ (as you like to say) and I think we’ve got an exciting future together.

Enjoy the drive, this brand-new Commodore is yours to keep. You’re the first New Zealanders to own one. I arrive in the country tomorrow and I’d love to hear what you think of your new Holden.

Best Wishes,
Barry Engle; Executive Vice President and President, GM International."

Whether you like or lump the new Commodore, understand that it too is part of Holden history regardless. 

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