This McLaren 570S Spider will make you care about Valentine's Day

David Kavermann
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Valentine's Day edition McLaren 570S Spider. Photos / McLaren

Valentine's Day edition McLaren 570S Spider. Photos / McLaren

For us car enthusiasts, the arrival of Valentine's Day is usually met with as much excitement as an Australian victory in the Winter Olympics - lets be honest, it would be difficult to care less.

Red roses, boxes of chocolates and corny dinner dates all take away valuable time and money that'd be better spent on track days, tires, E85 fuel or just tinkering in the shed.

But one romantic McLaren customer has found a special way to celebrate Valentine's Day that all car enthusiasts can get excited about.

We drive the McLaren 570S Spider in Spain

This customer has ordered a one-off 570S Spider for their significant other, commissioned in the honour of Saint Valentine. Finished in Vermillion Red body paint from McLaren's Elite colour palette, the car's Valentine-themed exterior is completed with red brake calipers and personalised ‘Color Edition’ P ZERO tyres from Pirelli.

The romantic exterior has been matched with a a customised By McLaren Designer Sport Interior in red and black leather. The seats are finished in a combination of Apex Red and Jet Black Nappa Leathers with Carbon Black Alcantara trim pieces and lashings of carbon fibre components on the doors and centre tunnel.

This buyer also opted for Indian Red seatbelts and a steering wheel with Apex Red leather trim completing the St Valentine’s Day look inside the car.

Despite its romantic appearance, the powertrain hidden underneath this 570S Spider is capable of potentially relationship sparking (or ending...) performance.

Read our full local road test of the McLaren 570S Spider

The 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine will take care of 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds, with or without the roof, and continue onto 200km/h in 9.6 seconds. Flat out this 570S will hit 315km/h with the roof down, or 328km/h attatched.

If that doesn't liven up your Valentine's Day, nothing will.


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