Me & My Car: PVC (Perfect Volkswagen Caddy)

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Photos / Supplied

Joel Woods (pictured above left) is co-founder of Holiday Records with Ben Wallace (right). 

What exactly are you driving and what do you use it for?
At Holiday Records we’re currently driving a 2021 Volkswagen Caddy Cargo.

We use it to whip around the city to pick up vinyl record making supplies (like PVC) and delivering finished records to our shrink wrappers and clients.

We also use it as a delivery vehicle for all of our PVC offcuts that we get recycled into fresh PVC piping with our friends at Marley. 

Why this particular vehicle?
It was all about PVC again – the Perfect Volkswagen Caddy. To be fair, we wanted a cool delivery vehicle to match our brand. Something with plenty of room but also small and nimble enough to be practical around the central city where our pressing plant is located.

The Caddy Cargo fitted the bill perfectly, and like our records… it really gets around.

Who else gets to drive it and when?
The whole Holiday Records team gets to drive it during the working week when we need things moved around the city, but I’m the lucky one to take it home at nights. It’s still super cool and practical for outside of work as well!

What's the best/most interesting feature in the Caddy?
The touchscreen dashboard control panel was a welcome surprise - bringing all the technology and multi-media capabilities (which you don’t usually associate with commercial/delivery vehicles) to the Caddy was a stroke of genius and makes listening to music (a key KPI in our job descriptions!) and staying connected with the team that much easier.

What do you always have in your car?
Tunes! Any way to play music - the Bluetooth connectivity makes this a breeze in the Caddy!

Money no object, what's your dream car?
VW Grand California camper for summer roadies around NZ would be a dream!

What do you think of Electric Vehicles?
We love EVs - no doubt the future of driving and obviously a lot better for our planet by avoiding the use of fossil fuels. I have only gone as far as owning an electric bike (which was life-changing) so the next natural step would be to electrify the car. The savings at the pump would be welcomed as well.

What do you think of driverless cars?
Again - most definitely the future of driving and something I am looking forward to experiencing.

The Caddy Cargo does have features such as lane assist to keep you on the road which I found pretty amazing technology - but that's only the tip of the iceberg in terms of full automation. In saying that I could only imagine the mix of anticipation and angst of my first driverless experience!


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