Toys for Boys: unique Porsche 911 collection seeks single buyer

Jet Sanchez
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The 'Toys for Boys' collection, a childhood dream turned reality, features an exclusive set of Porsche 911s from the 991 generation, accompanied by an unusual condition for its sale.

This collection stands out not only for its pristine, highly sought-after models but also for its unique requirement: the inclusion of a specialised car-carrying truck and trailer with the purchase.

The ultimate Porsche 911 ensemble

Toys for Boys Porsche 911 collection

Offered by RPM Technik, a UK-based Porsche specialist, the collection showcases six of the finest naturally aspirated versions of the 991 series. 

Each vehicle has been meticulously maintained in climate-controlled storage, boasting only delivery mileage, making them as close to new as you'll find. The lineup includes:

  • 2016 911 R, one of only 991 produced
  • 2018 GT3 Clubsport
  • 2018 GT3 Touring
  • 2018 GT3 Cup
  • 2018 GT3 R
  • 2019 GT3 RS Weissach

These models represent some of the most exclusive and desirable iterations of the Porsche 911, a fact that adds to the collection's allure.

Childhood inspiration

Toys for Boys Porsche 911 collection

The unique collection was conceived by acclaimed Austrian architect Alexander Serda, inspired by the wooden car carrier toy he played with as a child. 

His vision was to recreate this childhood memory with a modern twist, culminating in the selection of these particular vehicles, alongside a MAN TGX truck and a Rolfo car transporter trailer. 

Unfortunately, the collection's debut at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed was cancelled due to the 911 GT3 RS not being ready in time.

The challenge of finding a buyer

Toys for Boys Porsche 911 collection

Despite its appeal, the collection's sale has been complicated by the insistence on including the truck and trailer as part of the deal. 

This stipulation has significantly narrowed the pool of potential buyers, as not everyone is willing or able to accommodate such a large and specialised set of vehicles. 

The non-negotiable nature of this condition reflects Serda's desire to keep the collection intact, preserving the vision with which it was assembled.

Future prospects

Toys for Boys Porsche 911 collection

The search for a buyer who appreciates the value and uniqueness of the 'Toys for Boys' collection continues. 

Ideal candidates might include wealthy collectors with ample space or dealerships capable of showcasing and selling the collection as intended. 

Recent servicing of all six Porsches ensures they are ready for the road. The collection is listed as POA (Price on Application), hinting at its exclusivity and the significant investment required. 


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