The Kia EV5 is now in New Zealand

Jet Sanchez
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Touchfown in NZ for Kia's EV5 SUV

Touchfown in NZ for Kia's EV5 SUV

The anticipation for Kia's newest electric vehicle (EV), the EV5, is at an all-time high as the first model touches down in New Zealand. 

Slated for a mid-year launch, the EV5 is the smaller sibling of the award-winning EV9, underscoring Kia's recent EV offensive.

Blending design and technology

Kia EV5 New Zealand

In line with Kia's 'Opposites United' design philosophy, the EV5 shares aesthetic and functional elements with its larger counterpart, the EV9. 

Todd McDonald, Managing Director of Kia New Zealand, highlighted the EV9's successful launch and its technological prowess, spacious interior, and impressive range - features that the EV5 is set to emulate in a more compact form​​.

The EV5 will have "[the] same characteristics and features... albeit in a slightly smaller package, so we expect it to have particular appeal for families who want an innovative, fast charging and attractive fully electric vehicle," said McDonald.

Aimed at the smaller SUV market, the EV5 is a five-seat electric SUV, contrasting with the seven-seat EV9. 

The EV5's interior design follows a lounge-like concept, emphasising comfort and practicality. 

Kia EV5 New Zealand

It features a panoramic display integrating a 12.3-inch gauge cluster and infotainment touchscreen, plus a 5-inch display for climate controls. 

The cabin also incorporates eco-friendly materials, such as recycled PET fabric and Bio-PU leather, in its seating upholstery​​.

Kia has not compromised on safety and convenience in the EV5.

The vehicle includes advanced driver assistance systems, such as highway driving assist and remote smart parking assist, alongside standard safety features like seven airbags and the latest seatbelt technology​​.

Capable performance, quick charging times

Kia EV5 New Zealand

Globally, the EV5 has been revealed with various configurations. 

The Chinese market offers standard, long-range, and all-wheel-drive variants. 

The standard model features a 64kWh battery pack and a 160kW motor, promising a range of up to 530km. 

The long-range model, equipped with an 88kWh battery and the same motor, aims to reach up to 720km on a single charge. 

Meanwhile, the long-range AWD variant, boasting a combined output of 230kW from dual motors, offers a 650km range.

The EV5 also supports fast charging up to 120kW, enabling a 30 to 80 per cent state of charge in approximately 27 minutes. 

Impending launch

Kia EV5 New Zealand

With much in common with the successful EV9 and its own promise of future-forward design, technology, and electrified performance, the EV5 is an SUV to watch.

Kia New Zealand is currently gearing up for the EV5's launch, encouraging prospective buyers to register their interest online for updates on pricing, specifications, and range​​.


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