Report: 2024 Toyota GR Yaris to pack 220kW, use 8-speed automatic

Jet Sanchez
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The Toyota GRMN Yaris, unveiled in 2022.

The Toyota GRMN Yaris, unveiled in 2022.

Toyota is reportedly gearing up to unleash a hotter version of the beloved GR Yaris. According to reports from Best Car, a reputable Japanese automotive magazine, an updated variant of this high-performance subcompact hatchback is set to make its debut later this year. 

Power boost

Toyota GRMN Yaris

The highlight of this upcoming iteration is the expected power boost under the hood. Best Car's sources close to Toyota have spilled the beans, indicating that the turbocharged 1.6-litre engine will undergo some serious tweaking. The goal? To deliver an impressive 220kW, while torque will be a formidable 370Nm.

If these numbers hold true, it will grant the 2024 Toyota GR Yaris a substantial 20kW advantage over the GRMN Yaris, which was introduced as a limited-edition Japan-only model in 2022.

New gearbox

Toyota GRMN Yaris interior

While it might fall slightly short on torque compared to its GRMN sibling, this new GR Yaris is expected to make up for it with some hardware changes. Most notably, it's rumoured to sport a newly developed eight-speed automatic transmission. Toyota could also include paddle shifters and a "lock-up system," making it a torque-converter automatic, ideal for more spirited driving. Unhappy with the automatic? Vote in our poll below to let us know whether you prefer a manual or automatic GR Yaris.

More updates

Toyota GRMN Yaris boot

But the updates don't stop there. The 2024 GR Yaris is set to receive revisions to its suspension and brakes, promising even sharper handling and stopping power. Additionally, Toyota is investing in greater body rigidity to ensure the car can handle the newfound power.

On the exterior, expect some nip and tuck as well. The new model is slated to feature updated bumpers and a more prominent rear spoiler, enhancing its already aggressive stance and aerodynamics. 

Inside the cabin, the 2024 GR Yaris is rumoured to borrow an updated screen from its larger sibling, the GR Corolla, promising a more modern and tech-savvy interior.

While all these enhancements will probably excite GR Yaris fans, it's worth noting that such improvements often come with a price. Expect the 2024 Toyota GR Yaris to carry a steeper price tag. In the meantime, the current-spec GR Yaris is available in New Zealand, starting at $54,990 - but good luck snagging one with very limited unit allocations.

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