Omoda E5: first look at Chinese brand's first EV for New Zealand

David Linklater
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Omoda E5.

Omoda E5.

Chinese brand Omoda's rollout of new models continues for New Zealand, ahead of the official sales-startup some in late February/March.

Omoda E5.
Aero wheels on E5; no red bits.

Pricing and specification for any of Omoda's offerings are yet to be announced, but we've already had a first drive of the C5 compact SUV in petrol-turbo form. You can read that here.

Joining the C5 at launch for NZ will be the pure-electric version, the E5 (you can see what they did there); Omoda NZ invited us to see the first example in the country this week, with a ceremonial roll-out of the car from a container.

We reckon they might have been in there ahead of time; pretty sure the cars don't come from the factory with big red bows on the bonnet.

Omoda E5.
Future examples won't be shipped in individual containers. Well, we don't think so.

Anyway, this is a "prototype" according to Omoda NZ and not necessarily 100 per cent representative of the Kiwi model. But the company has confirmed that the E5 will come with a choice of two specifications, as per the C5.

The long-range 61kWh LFP battery is a definite starter. It comes with a 150kW/340Nm single electric motor (FWD) and offers 450km range. Maximum charge rate is 80kW DC and it will take up to 9.9kW AC (with appropriate three-phase power).

Omoda E5 and C5.
Same basic shape, but very different look between electric E5 (left) and petrol C5 (right).

There's also the possibility of a standard-range 50kWh model, but that's yet to be sorted. The charge port for either model is in the nose.

Ah yes, the nose. The E5 is the same basic body shape as the C5 but it drops that massive 3D-effect grille for flush panels and aero wheel covers. No coloured bits on the electric version, either, which gives it quite a different look. 

The E5 is aimed squarely at the likes of the BYD Atto 3 (which also comes in two battery sizes, $56,990-$68,990) and forthcoming new-generation Hyundai Kona Electric. But as a newcomer, we'd expect it to undercut established models significantly.


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