New Zealand's cheapest new EV (again): GWM Ora drops $5k in price

David Linklater
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Another $5k off Ora makes it the cheapest new BEV you can buy.

Another $5k off Ora makes it the cheapest new BEV you can buy.

And the tit-for-tat price war among entry-level battery electric vehicles continues. GWM has dropped the price of its entry-level Ora hatch models by $5000, meaning the 48kWh Standard Range is now $42,990 and the 63kWh Extended Range $47,990.

MG4 and Ora have been vying for status as NZ's most affordable BEV.

When Ora was launched earlier this year it became the cheapest brand-new BEV you could in New Zealand. That status was usurped by the MG4, which opened at $46,990 - $1k less than the Ora.

So GWM's latest price cut restores the Ora's position as the NZ-market BEV-bargain, and by some margin. With the full Clean Car Discount applied, the real-world price is $35,975 for the Standard Range and $40,975 for the Extended range.

Prices for the luxury-focused Ora Ultra and sportier Ora GT remain unchanged at $55,990 and $58,990 respectively. Both still also qualify for the full Clean Car Discount.

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