Me & My Car: blue sky thinking with a Mazda MX-5

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Kinnear says her MX-5 is actually 'stolen'... from her partner.

Kinnear says her MX-5 is actually 'stolen'... from her partner.

Cheree Kinnear is a journalist with our own NZME (parent company of DRIVEN Car Guide), and the face of the NZ Herald's daily social news shorts. She's also a Mazda MX-5 driver.

Mazda MX-5 NC.
Cherie's third-gen (NC) MX-5 has a body kit and modified exhaust.

What are you driving?

A 2007 Mazda MX-5 Roadster.

Why this model and what do you like about it?

This car actually belonged to my partner when we first started dating. I remember being so excited about being picked up in this snazzy little blue convertible zipping around town. So I already had my eye on it!

Mazda MX-5 Roadster NC.
It's a convertible, but the folding hard-top adds another dimension.

A few years later, we purchased a bigger car - for practicality reasons - which he now drives as his daily, leaving the Roadster to me. It’s become a bit of a running joke that I “stole” his car.

I love the look of the car, its sporty kit and of course the fact that it’s a convertible.

Has anything been modified on it?

The car has a modified exhaust and custom sport kit including black rims.

What’s your favourite part about your car?

Probably that it's a hard-top convertible: there’s nothing better than cruising with the roof down along the coast on a sunny day.

Mazda MX-5 Roadster NC.
Body kit gives Cherie's MX-5 a more aggressive look.

Honourable mention has to go to the heated leather seats though, which certainly come in handy in winter.

Anything you don’t like about it?

Perhaps the boot space being a bit tight, and only having one passenger seat.

What do you always have in your car?

I keep a hair tie around the gear stick at all times. The girls will agree there’s nothing worse than your hair flying around in your face when driving top down.

What does a typical day involve, preparing and presenting the news on NZ Herald social media?

My day starts at around 5:30am when I get to the office to present the Focus Morning Bulletin. I spend a few hours producing the show and editing/posting the social versions.

From 9am onwards there really isn't a “typical day” for me as my plans evolve around the news. I could be doing anything from working on an edit, running to the scene of breaking news or doing live crosses from out in the field. Every day truly is different but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You're a face of the NZ Herald, and you drive a convertible: ever get recognised?

No-one has ever said anything, but I possibly may have been!

What do you think of electric cars?

I think electric cars certainly are the future and I have considered looking into buying one. There are so many great EVs available nowadays and they’re getting more affordable too.

How long will you be keeping your MX-5 in the future?

I’d absolutely love to hold onto this car for as long as possible, but there have been conversations about upgrading to a slightly bigger vehicle, soon. Being a two-seater makes it tricky with passengers and while our German Shepherd, Pia, loves to ride along on occasion, it’s not a car really designed for big dogs - and one day, a family - so eventually the time will come.

You win Lotto this week: what car are you buying?

Ford Mustang GT Convertible... in red!


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