ID.4 price cut: VW NZ slashes $7k off its EV-SUV

David Linklater
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VW ID.4 SUV now opens at $72,990 - less the Government rebate.

VW ID.4 SUV now opens at $72,990 - less the Government rebate.

Certain New Zealand car brands seem to be whipping themselves into a frenzy, slashing EV prices amid an uncertain future for the Clean Car Discount (CCD) beyond the General Election. Even though it's less than a  week away!

ID.4 lineup opens with Pro model.

Last week, GWM cut the price of its Ora hatchback by $5000, meaning it became NZ's cheapest new battery electric vehicle (BEV), with a start price of $42,990. Or $35,795 after the $7015 Clean Car Discount; cheaper than many comparable combustion-engined cars and, more importantly, cheaper than arch-rival MG4 EV. Which was previously NZ's cheapest BEV.

Now, Volkswagen NZ has slashed $7000 from the bottom line of its entry ID.4 Pro SUV, making it $72,990 drive away. Or $65,975 after the CCD is applied.

That $7k reduction also applies to the higher-specification ID.4 Pro+, although the new price is still over the CCD cap. So no rebate.

Less roof, more luggage space for coupe-style VW ID.5.

The coupe-style version of the model, the ID.5, is ostensibly more expensive than the ID.4. But at launch in August, VW NZ priced the $86,490 Pro at $79,990 as a special offer, to get it under the CCD price cap. If you can stay with us for more numbers, it's now $77,990 (a reduction of $8500 from full price, or $2000 from that, um, original special price.

The ID.5 Pro+ also gets a $7000 price cut to $88,490.

The brand is publicising the prices cuts in a novel way, offering $14k off the ID price if buyers bring in an old electrical appliance. In reality that's a bit cheeky, as only $7k is VW discount; the rest is the Government CCD, which is nothing to do with VW NZ.

But in reality, the (likely temporary) price realignment does put all of VW Group's MEB-platform electric cars in a more sensible price hierarchy.

The ID.4 Pro is now $7000 cheaper than the Skoda Enyaq Sportline, which is a higher specification model than its VW sibling. If you remember, Enyaq was launched at a start price of $92,990, but quickly trimmed back to $79,990 as potential buyers demanded their CCD.

And of course now we have the Audi Q4 e-tron, which opens at $99,990. A bit more space between VW ID.4 and Audi Q4 e-tron is no bad thing, as each brand aims for its own identity and EV market.

ID.4/5, Enyaq and Q4 e-tron are all based on VW Group's Modularer E-antriebs Bauasten (MEB) electric-vehicle platform, using the same 77kWh battery and 150kW motor. Although all have their own styling, interior design and powertrain/chassis tuning.

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