Hyundai Inster: hottest budget mini EV to be revealed this year

Jet Sanchez
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Inster will be the cheapest EV in Hyundai's lineup

Inster will be the cheapest EV in Hyundai's lineup

Hyundai has taken a quick break from high-performance EVs like the Ioniq 5 N, unveiling tantalising teasers of its forthcoming A-segment subcompact electric vehicle (EV), the Inster.

Set to debut at the Busan International Mobility Show later this month, this new EV promises to redefine expectations for budget-friendly electric motoring.

Casper origins

Hyundai Inster New Zealand
Hyundai Inster

The Inster, deeply rooted in the design of the Korean market exclusive Casper, will carry the name Casper Electric within Korea.

Internationally, however, it will be marketed as the Inster.

Hyundai explains that the name Inster is a fusion of 'intimate' and 'innovative', reflecting the vehicle's mission to deliver advanced technology and safety features in a compact form.

Sharing much of its silhouette with the Casper, the Inster maintains a slightly larger frame. Its design features striking circular LED daytime running lights and pixel-graphic turn signals that ensure it stands out.

Hyundai Casper New Zealand
Hyundai Casper

Intriguingly, the Inster boasts a front-mounted charging port and unique four-spoke wheels. Blacked-out fenders and roof rails add a rugged touch to this diminutive EV.

Hyundai has made several modifications to the vehicle's rear, including simplified pixel-designed LED taillights reminiscent of those on the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6. A prominent 'Inster' badge graces the tailgate, distinguishing it from its petrol-powered sibling.

While official interior photos are yet to be released, spy shots suggest that the Inster's cabin will mirror the Casper's. Expect a digital instrument cluster, a large central infotainment screen and a robust three-spoke steering wheel to feature prominently.

Pricing and specifications

Hyundai Inster New Zealand

The Hyundai Inster is anticipated to be priced below €20,000 (around NZ$35,000), making it the most affordable EV in Hyundai’s lineup.

Powertrain details remain under wraps, but it is known that the vehicle will utilise an integrated drive module from BorgWarner.

Information regarding the battery pack and driving range has yet to be disclosed, leaving potential buyers eager for more specifics.

Hyundai Inster New Zealand

The Inster will reportedly be sold in several key markets, although a New Zealand release remains up in the air at the moment.

Hyundai is confident that the Inster will set new benchmarks in its segment. “The Inster will set new standards in terms of driving range, technology, and safety features, redefining what buyers can expect from a vehicle in this class,” Hyundai stated.


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