Hyundai's new Casper might be the cutest SUV of all time

Andrew Sluys
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Photos / Supplied

Photos / Supplied

As far as SUV coverage goes, Hyundai seems to be unmatched in the segment, offering some sort of high-riding vehicle for almost every application.

Just recently, the Korean brand has expanded its reach into the small SUV segment even further, by releasing a teaser for the adorable little Casper. 

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According to Hyundai, this tiny SUV isn't named after everyone's favourite ghost, but instead, the Casper gets its name from the skateboard trick that was invented by Bobby "Casper" Boyden in the late 1970s.

Measuring in at 45cm shorter than the Venue, which is currently the smallest SUV offered by Hyundai, the Casper is just 4-metres long, and 1.7-metres wide. 

In terms of styling, it gets a surprisingly muscular shape, with wide wheel guards, and sharp lines down the bonnet. It also wears a pair of extremely sleek headlights. 

At the back, it gets a steep hatch with interesting daytime running lights on either side of the Hyundai badge. Interestingly, the taillights look to be sitting within the rear bumper.

To provide practicality, it gets a pair of roof rails, which do a good job in making it look like more of a rugged off-roader than it actually is. 

While Hyundai hasn't released any information surrounding the Casper's driveline, it did reveal that it will be available with either a 1.0-litre naturally-aspirated engine, or a 1.0-litre turbo. 

Unfortunately, it looks like Hyundai is only planning to offer the Casper in Korea at this time, which means that it will only be built in a left-hand drive layout.


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