Cool or not: Gunther Werks 400R 'Chelsea Grey Commission'

Jet Sanchez
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The Gunther Werks 400R 'Chelsea Grey Commission'

The Gunther Werks 400R 'Chelsea Grey Commission'

The name Porsche 911 is almost synonymous with quality and performance, but what happens when a California-based company, Gunther Werks, gets their hands on the iconic 911 and transforms it into something even more desirable? 

The answer lies in the Gunther Werks 400R, a Porsche 911 restomod set to fetch an eye-watering amount at auction.

Gunther Werks 400R: the ultimate Porsche 911 restomod?

Gunther Werks 400R

This particular Gunther Werks 400R, known as the 'Chelsea Grey Commission,' holds a special place among its limited production siblings. Originally unveiled in 2018, it returned to Gunther Werks in 2022 for a series of upgrades. These enhancements include an updated interior, improved rear suspension, the addition of a hydraulic lift system, and a refined sound system. 

The transformation of a standard 993 into a 400R is a meticulous process. Gunther Werks replaces all of the body panels with lightweight carbon fibre, which includes flared wheel arches and new front and rear ends.


The Chelsea Grey Commission, in particular, is a Sport Touring variant, featuring a pronounced ducktail spoiler rather than a towering rear wing, adding a touch of subtlety to its aesthetic appeal. Ghosted side stripes with red Porsche lettering adorn the car's exterior, and the entire body is wrapped in clear paint protection film, ensuring it stays fresh and immaculate.

Performance enthusiasts will appreciate the 400R's underpinnings. It rides on staggered-width 18-inch forged aluminium wheels finished in bronze, wrapped in Continental ExtremeContact Sport tyres. The braking system has been significantly upgraded, with new Brembo six-piston callipers up front and four-piston callipers at the rear, gripping ventilated carbon-ceramic discs.

Step inside the cabin, and you'll find that the Gunther Werks 400R is a true marvel. Carbon fibre is used extensively, adorning elements such as the bucket seats, transmission tunnel, lower dashboard, and door panels, all wrapped in luxurious red leather. Additional carbon fibre accents further enhance the premium interior, while an Alcantara headliner completes the look and feel.

Now, let's talk about what makes this machine truly roar. Like all other 400R models from Gunther Werks, power comes from a 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated six-cylinder engine sourced from Rothsport Racing. 

This potent powerplant is mated to a Getrag G50 six-speed manual transmission, providing an engaging driving experience that purists will adore. With the rear wheels being the point of contact with the tarmac, you can expect the 400R to deliver a driving sensation that's as close to the essence of the 911 as it gets.

With just 3,862 km on the odometer, the Chelsea Grey Commission has been gently driven. The one-of-25 vehicle is live now on Bring a Trailer, a San Francisco-based online auction site. The current bid is at 1 million USD (around $1.68 million) but could reach as high as 1.5 million USD ($2.5 million). 

As we take our minds off the staggering price tag, we ask: Is the Gunther Werks 400R 'Chelsea Grey Commission' cool or not? Answer the poll below and let us know!


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