Are these restored Singer turbo Porsche 911s cool or not?

Jet Sanchez
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Every once in a while, we come across truly mad vehicles that can only really come from the minds and hands of ingenious people. That's what we see in these two restored Porsche 911s from the folks at Singer.

Singer Vehicle Design is a California-based luxury specialist. The company collaborates with car owners to create unique takes on enthusiast vehicles.

Through its Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) programme, Singer has created a veritable portfolio of modified Porsche 911s. Now the latest evolution of that programme has seen it add turbocharging into the mix with DLS Turbo.

The result is two new Type 964 Porsche 911 restorations, one track-focused and the other built for the road.

The track car, clad in mesmerizing Blood Orange, emphasizes raceway performance with a high-downforce, adjustable rear wing. It also gains a track-ready face with a massive splitter.

Meanwhile, the roadgoing model clad in a Moet Blanc color scheme gets an aero-optimized rear ducktail spoiler and road-oriented front fascia for reduced drag.

The process for DLS Turbo restorations are comprehensive. It starts with a total dismantling of the vehicle until only the chassis remains. The frame is then evaluated, cleaned, and strengthened to prime it for the carbon fibre bodywork.

Builders of the body panels use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to ensure optimal aerodynamic performance. Singer then installs a central front intake and hood vent for improved cooling performance, with rear fender intakes and NACA inlets let in air for the brakes and turbochargers.

Of course, under the hood of these Porsches is a ridiculous 3.8-litre flat-six with twin turbochargers, electric wastegates, and air-to-water intercooling. Singer says it makes 522 kW at over 9,000 RPM. It sends power to the rear wheels with a six-speed manual gearbox.

"The results of turbocharging our advanced four-valve, high-revving DLS engine have been quite spectacular and combining it with all we have learned about lightweighting and vehicle dynamics has provided the perfect canvas to honor the Type 934/5 and its vital role in the genesis of the 911 as a racing car," said Rob Dickinson, Founder and Executive Chariman of Singer.

The exact cost of these restorations have not been revealed, but we imagine they cost a pretty penny. So now we can only ask - are these restored turbo Porsche 911s cool or not? Answer the poll below and let us know!


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