Volkswagen Polo 2013

Owner Review: Community Contributor
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Kilometres travelled -75,000 - 100,000 km
Do you buy this car new or used? -
Used (purchased in 2020)
How much did you pay? (including all on-road costs) -

What were your needs when you bought this car? Has it fulfilled those needs?

I wanted an economical car that I could afford, but one that had the get-up-and-go when I needed the power. I also wanted a car that was fun to drive but still practical for both town and open road driving. It had to be reliable, look good (but not pretentious or looking like a hot hatch!) Yes, the VW Polo GT does all of that and more!

What were your initial thoughts about the car? Tell us why it appealed to you.

Boy - it looks just about like the previous Polo I used to have but just a wee bit lower and more squat. BUT - it drives like a different car! It has about 30% more power when I need it and yet it's still cheaper to run! There aren't many Polo GT cars around, so you don't see many around. That's good. You can easily find it in a parking lot. It's not stupid like a GTi Polo and doesn't have the GTi's unreliability or extra stuff to break down and cost heaps to fix. It's also not a lot slower than the GTi. There's more than adequate power to pass safely and it handles well.

What have you discovered since owning the car?

It's cheaper to run than my previous Polo, yet far more go! Even the 7 speed DSG is tighter than the last car.

What do you like/dislike about the car?

The ride is a little firm - but only by a little. This is partly due to the low profile tyres. However, when you throw it into the corners, it is not unpredictable or wallowy (is that the right word?) You can drive it sedately around town and it behaves impeccably. But if you need to pass, there's plenty of go there. There's nothing I dislike about the car otherwise, except that it could be a Golf size! That's another story.

Star ratings:

  • Reliability - 5/5
  • Features/technology - 4/5
  • Performance/economy - 5/5
  • Value for money - 5/5
  • Overall rating - 5/5

Lastly, would you buy this vehicle again?


Why would/wouldn't you buy it again?

Why wouldn't I? It's got everything I want out of a car for the price and size. It's resale value is good (for a car!) It's nice to drive and yet it's not a showy car to attract undue attention - nicely understated yet attractive. I'd buy a later model next time.

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