Toyota Camry G Limited 2008

Owner Review: Community Contributor
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Kilometres travelled

More than 100,000 km

Did you buy this car new or used?


If used, what year did you buy it used?


How much did you pay? (including all on-road costs)


What were your needs when you bought this car? Has it fulfilled those needs?

I had two young kids so it had plenty of room. I needed a cheap reliable commuter. It has exceeded all of my needs.

What were your initial thoughts about the car? Tell us why it appealed to you.

It does not attract attention but the G Limited features are sophisticated and classy. It also has a very roomy boot.

What have you discovered since owning the car?

I have discovered that all of what they say at the mechanics is true- Toyotas don't give up.

What do you like/dislike about the car?

I like that it has a G Limited badge. It has faux wood panels. It is reliable although I didn't like replacing a four plugs last year. The old girl is getting on though. I've never been pulled over by the Po in this car- nobody suspects the G Limited. I probably shouldn't have got the beige interior though, it will never come clean. Oh well.

Any other comments on the car?

It's the best. Great air conditioning too.







Value for money


Overall rating


Lastly, would you buy this vehicle again?


Why would/wouldn't you buy it again?

I think if you're going to get a Camry, you'd be remiss to skip the G Limited. Just get a darker interior colour.

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