Nissan Qashqai 2015

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Kilometres travelled

More than 100,000 km

Did you buy this car new or used?


If used, what year did you buy it used?


How much did you pay? (including all on-road costs)


What were your needs when you bought this car? Has it fulfilled those needs?

We wanted to move a family with a newborn around, mostly around the city, but including on holiday. It's done that, though luggage capacity is often an issue with trips.

What were your initial thoughts about the car? Tell us why it appealed to you.

Generally the car is pretty good. It has basics like a reversing camera and Bluetooth radio. It works well, it's reasonably large inside without being huge.

What have you discovered since owning the car?

It's larger than expected, difficult to park in smaller spots. Generally though it's fine and works well day to day.

What do you like/dislike about the car?

Cabin build quality is lower than expected. The stitching on the drivers seat came apart just outside warranty, which the dealer had Nissan fix, but it's come apart again a couple of years later which we'll have to pay to get fixed. The black plastic of the door handles and controls is starting to peal in places. All in all the quality hasn't impressed me.

The app / mapping system is not useful at all. We use our phones with Bluetooth.

We found its luggage capacity smaller thane expected. It looks like it would have a lot of capacity, but it take one large suitcase and maybe one small suitcase. If you have to take a baby buggy that's it, that plus small things, everything else has to go on the back seat.

The engine and core mechanical parts seem reliable enough. It makes a loud squeaking noise from somewhere near the back every time we go over a judder bar or large bump.

I like that it generally just works, with little hassle.

Any other comments on the car?

 In terms of value I'd say it's average at best, because the cabin is starting to go downhill quickly we'll sell the car sooner than we otherwise would. I'd be wary buying another Nissan because of cabin build quality issues.


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Value for money

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Overall rating

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Lastly, would you buy this vehicle again?


Why would/wouldn't you buy it again?

I wouldn't buy one again. The cabin build quality issues are the main reason. It makes me wonder about the whole Nissan brand. I'd be more inclined to go for a Toyota / Honda, my 2003 Toyota is in better condition in many ways than the 2015 Nissan.

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