George Clooney and his 1958 red Corvette

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A 1958 Chevrolet Corvette convertible

George Clooney slips behind the wheel of the 1958 red Corvette convertible

There can't be many fathers who don't worry when they hand over the car keys to their sons.

But George Clooney's news anchor father Nick must be proud to see how well his boy is looking after the red Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1 convertible he bought in 1958.

The actor was spotted taking a pal for a spin in the immaculate vintage car after dinner at Kazu Sushi in the Studio City neighbourhood of Los Angeles on Thursday evening. 

The 54-year-old is a well-known auto enthusiast who also drives a gleaming grey Lexus and a black Porsche Carrera as well as a tiny two seater electric Tango 600 plus various motorbikes.

But it's a fair bet the family 'Vette has pride of place in his heart.

It's a much-in-demand classic now with enthusiasts going to great lengths to restore their cars to their original glory. 

But when Nick, 81, bought his model it was on the cutting edge of car design.

Notably, the 1958 model was considered to be a style icon of its times due to its trendy appearance which was derived from a chrome finished exterior along with double headlamps, while the white panels offset the red paintwork, according to

Louvres in the bonnet and chrome rails on the trunk and white-walled tyres provided a distinctive look to the Corvette that has a material roof opened by hand - no automatic openers back in the day.

George has reportedly lined the seats with high end leather.

Capable of up to 116mph depending on the engine configuration, according to, it does just 16.4 miles to the gallon.

The increasingly rare examples of the car in perfect condition go for upwards of around $NZ134,000.

George's dad bought it new when he was a radio broadcaster in Lexington, Kentucky and the actor grew up with it as one of the family cars, he told Esquire magazine in 2013.

Meanwhile, the superstar appeared to be on a guys' night out as there was no sign of his beautiful 37-year-old wife Amal - not that she would've fitted in the two seater.

The international human rights lawyer has been travelling to the Maldives and Sri Lanka where she is representing deposed Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed. 

-Daily Mail.




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