Ford Ranger Sport V6 2023 👍

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Chris English

Kilometres travelled

10,000 - 25,000 km

Did you buy this car new or used?


How much did you pay? (including all on-road costs)


What were your needs when you bought this car? Has it fulfilled those needs?

Looking for a replacement ute for my 2016 Mazda BT 50. Wanted another ute and looked at all the major brands. However on reflection and test driving, the new model T6 Ranger stood out as being new technology and new powertrain whereas other makes were using dated smaller capacity, less efficient engines and lower interior spec and technology. It was a no brainer

What were your initial thoughts about the car? Tell us why it appealed to you.

After a lot of research I landed on the Ford Ranger. I definitely wanted the new "hero" V6 turbo diesel motor. The best value option to get the V6 was in the Sport model. Comes with quality leather interior, 10 inch touch screen

To get the Wildtrack V6 would have cost a another $10k.

Since purchasing the Ranger Sport Ford has now discontinued this model in V6 and only available in Bi Turbo 2l.

What have you discovered since owning the car?

The motor is awesome, quiet (car quiet), powerful and linked to a great 10speed auto. Gear changes are virtually imperceptible.

Inside its comfortable and the control screen is intuitive and works well.

This ute is a real step up from any other I have driven recently which includes the now very outdated HiLux

What do you like/dislike about the car?

Bland Graphics on the Sport model which can be resolved with some after market Sport V6 graphics on the side panel at rear like the Raptor

Any other comments on the car?

This is an amazing ute, loved the 3.2l 5 cylinder BT 50 but after driving the 3.0l turbo V6 diesel I can see what all the rave reviews are about.


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Value for money

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Overall rating

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Lastly, would you buy this vehicle again?


Why would/wouldn't you buy it again?

The whole package is exceptional for a ute. Quiet, powerful, comfortable, excellent towing and great tray size.

It's a pearler, if you are in the market for a ute you have to test drive the 3.0l turbo V6

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