BMW X5 xDrive40d 2011

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What were your needs when you bought this car? Has it fulfilled those needs?

I needed a replacement for my 1998 Mercedes CLK coupe. The kids and dog were getting too big for it to cope. I was looking for "pace and grace" that European brands deliver. With the twin turbo and straight six diesel it promised speed plus reasonable fuel economy with enough room to take the family camping.

In the last year it has more than delivered. The four wheel drive was invaluable on our camping trip around the Coromandel on dodgy roads between weather events. At one point north of Coromandel town we would have had to turn back if not for the four wheel drive and wide tyres. Other than that its a daily driver to the railway station for my commute.

What were your initial thoughts about the car? Tell us why it appealed to you.

I was pretty overawed at first. For a car that was more than a decade old with high kms, I was impressed by its great condition, handling, driving position, and fuel efficiency. Having owned a Saab turbo before I was attracted to the twin turbo setup in the X5. This works extremely well and the power for overtaking on the open road is immense. Difficult to believe such a heavy SUV can accelerate like it does.

Also wanted a diesel to get better fuel economy plus now that the fuel taxes are back on its almost a dollar litre cheaper than petrol. Road user charges aren't a factor as I'm not doing high kms.

What have you discovered since owning the car?

Parking is more of an issue than I anticipated. You have to pick your spot and the turnoing radius isn't great. But with a 360 degree camera and parking sensors I havent had any mishaps yet. Also the super wide tyres make judging the kerb a real mission. I'm still going through the handbook to be honest so still discovering heaps about it. Found an emergency alarm under an overhead panel that contacts International Rescue, or maybe just BMW when you need it.

I also couldn't believe the 12 year warranty for under body rust and paint protection was still active when I bought the car. Wont be needed as the finish is superb.

What do you like/dislike about the car?

Its a 5 seater version and the 7 seats would have been preferable at times. There's not as much room for camping stuff as I would like so have had to buy a roof rack. There's no water temperature gauge on the dash so that's annoying. But it doesn't seem to use water so that's just as well.

Passengers cant seem to wind down their own windows unless I start it for them. Must be a setting but the handbook is a massive read.

Any other comments on the car?

The BMW X5 continues my fascination with European cars. Its one of the few brands I have not previously owned but it is doing a fabulous job so far.







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