Zac Efron thinks the Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV is 'crispy': here's why

David Linklater
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"Crispy, this is sick dude" is a perfectly fine way to describe a new battery electric vehicle (BEV). And wellness expert Darin Olien isn't 100 per cent clear on how seatbelts work or what the law is regarding their use in Australia.

These are two things you'll learn from watching Hyundai's trailer promoting the new series of Down To Earth with Zac Efron. For the second series of the show, which explores interesting locations and more sustainable ways to live, Efron and Olien are travelling around Australia in an Ioniq 5 supplied by Hyundai. So expect plenty of product placement and off-the-cuff comments about the car being crispy.

According to Hyundai Australia: "Not only does Ioniq 5 provide clean mobility for Efron and Olien, but it also supports their journey with customer-centric features, such as its spacious interior and V2L (Vehicle-to-Load) function that can power small appliances and devices and even other EVs."

You get the idea. Both seasons (one with, one without the Hyundai) are currently available on Netflix in New Zealand. Season one has had over 50 million views to date.

The trailer is also part of a multi-media sustainability campaign aimed at a Gen Z audience, which includes Instagram social challenges such as "drink from tumbler within two hours" or "pack leftovers within six hours in a multi-use container". The challenge will lead to a monetary donation made in participants’ names to, a non-profit organisation.


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