Witness the cars of McLaren's epic NZ tour

Matthew Hansen
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McLaren's own grand tour kicks into gear

There are certain days where you simply have to pinch yourself to verify that the colours and shapes being projected into your mind are real and not the result of some incredible dream. Yesterday was one of these.

Driven were lucky enough to be invited to join day one of the McLaren Epic Tour NZ; a six-day trek embodying some of New Zealand's best roads, two of our best race tracks, and 32 McLarens and their passionate owners. 

Some had come from central Auckland, while others have traveled from as far as Canada, Japan, and the UK. They all told their own stories, and helped further hammer home what the McLaren name means in 2016.  

This article is just a taste of what took place yesterday, and an excuse for me to spend a lengthy period curled up in the corner of Driven headquarters scrolling through my photos in a desperate attempt to re-live the day. 

While I'm now back in Auckland, the tour is pressing on from yesterday's ultimate destination — Taupo — to the nation's capital today, before wiggling its way down the South Island to the final destination of Queenstown.

So if you see a string of McLarens pass you by in your travels over the next few days, give them a wave. They're real car people.

Driven's full article on the McLaren Epic Tour NZ will appear in this Saturday's Driven magazine, and online at Driven.co.nz. 


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