Watch: Tesla Model 3 races AMG C63, BMW M3, Alfa Quadrifoglio. Who wins?

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By now, there are probably just as many videos on the internet about Teslas thrashing other cars in drag races as there are videos of cute cats. 

But, that wouldn't stop Top Gear from comparing the new Tesla Model 3 to the performance-sedan offerings of BMW, Mercedes-AMG, and Alfa Romeo in the second episode of their latest episode — screening this Sunday on TVNZ Duke. 

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Specifically, host Chris Harris wheels the Model 3 Performance — the range-topping, dual engine, 75kWh variant that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long boasted will be able to pants the BMW M3. 

Naturally, the show brought along the AMG C63, Giulia Quadrifoglio, and the aforementioned M3 for the little comparison. 

Spoiler alert; the race goes almost exactly as you'd expect it to. The Model 3 gets an incredible initial jump off the line, before eventually being run down just before the chequered flag by the most muscular of its rivals. 

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