Watch: Tesla Cybertruck looks brilliantly absurd on public roads

Matthew Hansen
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Almost everything the world's wanted to know about the Tesla Cybertruck has already been written. How many have been pre-ordered? How is it expected to perform in a crash? Why did its 'bulletproof windows' crumple when faced with a gently lobbed metal ball? Will the Dubai police force use them? 

Spoiler alert on that last one; yes, of course they will.

There are still plenty of questions still to be answered, but now we can chalk 'what does it look like mingling with highway traffic?' off the list. 

Various members of recently spotted the Cybertruck out and about testing on public roads and highways in Los Angeles — following a Model 3 assistant. 

Against the flowing curves of the Model 3 it's pictured behind plus the Mazda3 and BMW X3 that share the screen in the attached imagery, the Cybertruck is as the world predicted — incredibly bizarre and different on the eye. 

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Perhaps more to the point, it's also clearly enormous. Those who watched it battle a Ford F-150 in a tug-of-war would've had an idea of its proportions, but seeing it on busy streets gives the style and size of the big EV new context — particularly the height of the rear tailgate. 

It might seem like an obvious observation, but there are to be people who pre-ordered the big pick-up without considering its huge measurements.

A newly created app called 'AR Cybertruck' allows users to view a 3-dimensional version of the Tesla in augmented virtual reality. It's already been used by people who have placed a reservation on the Cybertruck — like Tesla-specialist YouTuber Tesla Raj — to show whether it can fit into their current garage. In the case of Raj and presumably others too, the answer was no. 

But when you're bulletproof and made out of stainless steel, who needs garages? 

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