Volvo sheds 'Recharge' brand with new EX40, EC40 SUVs

Jet Sanchez
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The new Volvo EX40 and EC40

The new Volvo EX40 and EC40

Volvo is revamping its electric vehicle (EV) lineup with the introduction of the EX40 and EC40 SUVs, moving away from the XC40 and C40 'Recharge' branding used previously. 

This change aligns these models with others in Volvo's electric fleet, such as the EX30, EX90, and EM90. 

Importantly, this rebranding also makes it easier to distinguish the fully electric EX40 from its internal combustion engine counterpart, the XC40, which retains its name. 

The hybrid versions of the XC40 have also dropped the 'Recharge' badge, now being referred to simply as T6 and T8.

Performance boost and new features

Volvo EX40 New Zealand
Volvo EX40

The 2024 updates for the EX40 and EC40 are not just cosmetic. 

Both models, particularly the twin motor variants, have received a power boost. The new Performance software pack increases output by 25 kW, bringing the total to 325 kW. 

Volvo EC40 New Zealand
Volvo EC40

This is complemented by a new pedal mapping for quicker accelerator response. The addition of a 'Performance' driving mode further unlocks this new power potential.

The previous year's models in selected markets will also benefit from these enhancements, as Volvo offers an optional over-the-air (OTA) software update.

Volvo's EV ambitions

Volvo EX40 and EC40 interior

Volvo remains committed to an all-electric future by 2030.

Last year, EVs formed 16 per cent of Volvo’s global sales, a figure that is expected to rise with these new launches. Volvo also plans to introduce several more electric models shortly.

Volvo EX40, EC40 pricing and availability

Volvo EX40 Black Edition
Volvo EX49 Black Edition

The new Volvo EX40 and EC40 have yet to be confirmed for New Zealand, but their direct predecessors, the XC40 and C40, are still available starting at $89,990 and $92,990, respectively.

There's a good chance the new models arrive here sometime soon, but stay tuned to DRIVEN Car Guide for updates on the latest electric Volvos.


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