Volkswagen ID models get bidirectional charging with software update

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Volkswagen has announced a 'Vehicle to Home' function integrated into VW's ID electric models. The innovative feature enables the cars to consume energy and supply it back to households. Essentially, Volkswagen is transforming its electric vehicles (EVs) into mobile power banks capable of energizing an entire home for up to two days.

Unlocking new possibilities with ID. Software 3.5 update

Volkswagen ID Bidirectional charging

The key to accessing this new capability lies in the ID. Software 3.5 update. This enhancement, available to new and existing ID models, introduces bidirectional charging but with a catch. 

It is exclusively compatible with models equipped with the 77 kWh battery pack, sidelining those with the smaller 58 kWh version. Currently, the functionality is limited to pairing with the S10 E Compact DC home power station by HagerEnergy GmbH, though Volkswagen assures future compatibility with additional devices.

Volkswagen ID Bidirectional charging

Volkswagen's move promises a step towards sustainable living. By utilizing the stored energy in EV batteries, households can significantly reduce their reliance on conventional power sources. 

With an average home consuming around 30 kWh daily, VW's EVs are positioned to cover these needs for up to 48 hours. A critical aspect of this system is its intelligent energy management, ensuring the car battery maintains at least a 20% charge, keeping the vehicle ready for use.

Integrating solar power for enhanced sustainability

Volkswagen ID Bidirectional charging

The 'Vehicle to Home' feature reaches its full potential when combined with a solar panel system and the integrated Home Energy Management System (HEMS) from HagerEnergy GmbH. 

This synergy allows for a seamless flow of sustainable energy, charging the EV with solar power and redistributing it to the home as needed. This solution is particularly effective during periods of reduced solar efficiency, like on cloudy days.

A pioneering pilot project in Sweden

Volkswagen ID Bidirectional charging

To validate this technology, VW and HagerEnergy GmbH are launching a pilot project in the Stenberg housing estate, near Hudiksvall, Sweden. Here, residents will experience firsthand the benefits of bidirectional charging, equipped with the necessary EVs and charging infrastructure to harness sustainable energy.

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