Upcoming 2025 Kia Forte previews all-new Cerato

Jet Sanchez
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The new Kia K4 will likely become the new Cerato.

The new Kia K4 will likely become the new Cerato.

The current-gen Kia K3/Forte/Cerato has been in the market since 2018. However, the unveiling of its successor, the 2025 Kia K4, is setting the stage for an impressive reinvention. 

Ahead of its global debut at the New York International Auto Show, Kia has given us a glimpse into what could redefine the brand’s identity in the sedan market.

All-new design

2025 Kia Cerato New Zealand

Dubbed 'Twist Logic', Kia’s newest design philosophy melds elements from its diverse lineup, resulting in a vehicle that exudes quite a bit of toughness and sophistication. 

The new K4 borrows the fastback allure and robust D-pillars of the Stinger and combines them with the crisp, modern lines and technological prowess of the EV9 SUV

The 'twist' in Twist Logic becomes apparent in the interaction between light and the car’s bodywork. Strategic shading accentuates the muscularity of the front and rear fenders, enhancing the K4's dynamic stance. 

This design language extends to the rear fender shape, the pronounced D-pillar, and the cleverly concealed rear door handle, culminating in a silhouette reminiscent of a two-door coupe.

A glimpse inside

2025 Kia Cerato New Zealand

The interior of the K4 has been overhauled as well, featuring a blend of elements from the EV6 and the facelifted Sorento

Unlike its siblings, the K4 retains a traditional T-bar gear lever, offering a nod to conventional ergonomics amidst the modern era's screen-happy norm. 

The cabin itself is a mix of digital and physical controls, including a squared steering wheel and a slim, wide digital instrument cluster.

Kia’s promise of "exciting" new seating trims in the K4 adds another layer of anticipation. While the showcased Slate Green may not quicken the pulse for some, it introduces a refreshing palette that moves away from the monotony of grey and black, with Canyon Brown also making the list.

Performance and pricing: what to expect

2025 Kia Cerato New Zealand

Details on the K4’s mechanical underpinnings remain under wraps until its full unveiling. 

Nonetheless, expectations are high for a starting price below NZ$40k, featuring a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, with a hybrid variant expected in select markets. However, Kia has not planned an EV option for the K4 at launch.

The 2025 Kia K4 will be unveiled this week at the New York International Auto show beginning on Easter Sunday.


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