This pristine 1994 Mazda RX-7 just sold for over $100,000

Andrew Sluys
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Photo / BaT

Photo / BaT

With the price of Japanese classics skyrocketing in the last five years or so, this latest sale on Bring A Trailer shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Having only 7,400 kilometres on the clock, this FD RX-7 sold on the US auction site for US$70,000 (NZ$105,000) just last week, making it the most expensive FD ever sold.

Being arguably the most sought after in the RX-7 line-up, the FD's timeless styling and unique powertrain make for a true collectors car. This model is equipped with the Touring Package, which includes fog lights, a rear windscreen wiper, and a sunroof. 

Under the hood sits the iconic 13B-REW, a twin-turbo 1.3-litre Wankel rotary engine that hasn't had a lot of use at all. With just over 7,000 kilometres on the clock, you have to wonder how many oil changes this car has actually had in its life.

Producing 190kW and 294Nm of torque, the RX-7 wasn't exactly a supercar killer out of the box, but over the years tuners have made some ridiculously big numbers out of the little 1.3. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a five-speed transmission.

The fact that this car hasn't undergone any modifications at all makes it a truly incredible find — it's even sitting on the factory wheels. The Montego Blue Metallic paintwork also looks absolutely incredible on the car.

It certainly makes this FD RX-7 that we have on our site look like a bargain! 

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