The new Ford Capri EV that's really a Volkswagen revealed for Europe

David Linklater
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Blue My Mind and Vivid Yellow both new colours for Capri EV. Can't miss 'em.

Blue My Mind and Vivid Yellow both new colours for Capri EV. Can't miss 'em.

Ford has revealed the new pure-electric Capri, reassigning a classic name from the past that's bound to irk some and entertain others - just like it did with the Mustang Mach-E and Explorer.

No, it's not a coupe. But Capri does have a rounded rear windowline.

Speaking of Explorer, the Capri is based on the same battery electric platform as the Explorer EV-SUV revealed earlier this year. Which is of course derived from Volkswagen Group's MEB platform, which underpins the ID.4/5, Skoda Enyaq and Cupra Born.

There's a bit of Polestar 2 in the Capri's sedan-cum-SUV proportions, but also more than a few details intended to evoke (perhaps irritate fans of) the original, such as the headlights and rounded side-rear window.

The specifications are a moot point for New Zealand as there are no plans to bring the Capri here in the short term (same deal for the Explorer), but it's available in Europe in standard or Premium specifications, RWD or AWD with range from 592-627km (battery sizes 77-79kWh).

Ford Capri EV.
Two specifications... and neither of them for NZ right now.

Even the entry model gets to 100km/h in 6.4sec, which means it will show a clean set of heels to a standard ID.4 or Enyaq. The fastest can manage 5.3secs.

As yes, those are some bright colours: Vivid Yellow and Blue My Mind.


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