Tesla's shift to BYD batteries has reportedly provided one key benefit

Jet Sanchez
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In early May, reports circulated that Tesla was shifting to BYD blade batteries for Model Y units produced at the Berlin Gigafactory.

That same month, the first unit equipped with the Chinese auto giant's electric car battery solution rolled off the factory floor.

Now it appears Tesla's gambit is paying dividends. Multiple sources have claimed that BYD battery packs on the Model Y charge faster than Tesla's other battery option - CATL's Kirin batteries. 

According to Notebook Check, newer Model Y units equipped with the BYD Blade batteries could maintain their peak 172 kW charging rate up to 50% capacity before falling off.

In contrast, the CATL Kirin battery packs struggled to maintain peak charging speeds during the same test. At around 90% capacity, the battery was only charging at a much lower rate of 50kW.

Tesla and BYD have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. In 2011, Elon Musk infamously laughed off the notion of BYD emerging as a potential rival to his then-fledgling electric car company. 

But working together has proved fruitful so far. 

For Tesla, the BYD-made batteries allow the company to remain competitive in the ever-growing EV market. Meanwhile, a partnership with Tesla only helps BYD's case in its quest to become a global household name. It still plans on eventually leapfrogging Tesla as the world's number one BEV-maker by production volume - perhaps as soon as this year.

In related news, BYD has just launched the Dolphin EV in New Zealand. Starting at $49,990 for the base 45kWh model, it joins the ranks of the most affordable battery-electric vehicles in the country.

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