Tesla Model S Plaid sets new production EV Nurburgring record

Andrew Sluys
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Photo / Supplied

Photo / Supplied

Back in 2019, two significant things happened at Tesla; the Cybertruck was launched, and the Model S Plaid was sent to the Nurburgring to try and take the Porsche's EV record with the Taycan Turbo. 

It's now 2021, and Tesla has managed to make one of those things a reality, and it comes as no surprise that it isn't the Cybertruck. 

Instead, Elon Musk recently tweeted that a completely stock Model S Plaid managed to beat the Porsche's time by over 12 seconds. 

In the tweet, it shows two official times of 7:30.909 and 7:35.579, meaning that the Model S managed to take records on both circuit configurations.

It's likely that the 7:30.909 lap was set on the 20.6 km circuit, and the longer time was set on the 20.8km configuration. 

Back in 2019, Porsche set a time of 7:42.3 on the shorter circuit configuration with a Taycan Turbo. It will be interesting to see if the German brand returns to the ciruit with the faster Taycan Turbo S to try and reclaim this record. 

Musk also notes that while this Model S was completly stock in its lap, Tesla is planning to lap the 'ring in a modified exmaple featuring new “aero surfaces, carbon brakes & track tires."

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