Spanish reign with new Cupra Formentor concept, will hit NZ in 2020

Liz Dobson
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Photos / supplied

Photos / supplied

Spanish car brand Cupra is making its first anniversary by revealing the concept car Formentor, with the vehicle expected in New Zealand in late 2020.

Cupra is a stand-alone brand from SEAT (meaning Society of Spanish Automobile Tourism).

SEAT is well known in Europe and was previously known as the “Spanish Fiat” before Volkswagen Group bought it in 1986.

In New Zealand, it joined European Motor Distributors' VW Group brands, such as Audi, VW, Porsche, Bentley and Skoda in 2017.

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Last year SEAT created the Cupra brand as its independent high-performance branch and officially Cupra Racing replaced SEAT Sport

After releasing its first model, the Cupra Ateca that is expected in New Zealand in April, now the brand’s plan to double sales within the next three to five years thanks to the Formentor.

The concept SUV continues its parent brand’s custom of naming vehicles after Spanish areas with Formentor a peninsula in Mallorca, an island off the mainland.

SEAT New Zealand says it has “put its hand up for this to be offered in New Zealand so hopefully we'll see it towards the end of next year”.

In Cupra’s first year of operations has proved its potential in the market, as sales in 2018 increased by 40 per cent compared to last year (as SEAT Cupra models), with up to 14,400 units sold globally.

Wayne Griffiths, CEO and member of the Board of Cupra, said “Cupra’s current success is a clear reflection of the brand’s popularity in the market”.

 “Cupra’s response is exceeding all of our expectations and we want to continue consolidating this special brand, which is winning over the most demanding car enthusiasts. Now is the time to go full throttle with Cupra,” said Griffiths.


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