Skoda Epiq EV: Czech brand showcases new 'Modern Solid' baby SUV

David Linklater
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Great news: Skoda has thought of another model name starting with "E" and ending in "q", which means it can ready another pure-electric SUV.

Skoda Epiq EV.
Epiq has chunky SUV looks, but it's a city car. As is the fashion.

Revealed as a "design study" only at this stage, Epic will be Skoda's entry-level EV-SUV when it goes on sale in 2025. It's supermini-sized, at just 4.1m in length, but Skoda is promising a range of 400km (no battery or motor specifications at this sage though) and impressive cargo space of 490 litres. Think a Jeep Avenger style of thing.

The exterior design language is something called Modern Solid, which Skoda says "combines robustness, functionality and authenticity."

The Tech-Deck Face in gloss black is a modern reinterpretation of the familiar Škoda grille and houses electrical devices like the distance radar and the front camera. The front headlamps are in a lower, secondary position.

Skoda Epiq EV.
Not six (Suzuki) or seven (Jeep) bars, but eight for Epiq! And orange bits.

The Škoda Epiq also supports bidirectional charging, transforming the car into a rolling energy storage unit.

Much of the look is minimalist, but there are also splashes of colour: Flashy Orange detailing on the roof rails, wheels and bumpers.

The two-spoke steering wheel showcases the new Škoda lettering as well as physical buttons and haptic scroll wheels, also with Flashy Orange accents. The mobile digital key enables a wide range of interactions via the customer’s mobile phone.

Skoda Epiq EV.
Cabin packed with eco-materials and a focus on digital. And orange bits.

The Epiq interior will feature eco-materials. It has an open storage compartment that includes a wireless mobile phone charger in the free-floating centre console, as well as multiple storage compartments.

The boot features bag hooks, cargo elements, fastening hooks and a hidden underfloor compartment. 

The Epic name fits into the nomenclature of Škoda’s BEV-SUV models: the E at the beginning stands for a battery-electric Škoda model, while the Q at the end identifies it as a member of the brand’s SUV family.

The city SUV crossover will be made in Pamplona, Spain, as a joint development and production project of Volkswagen’s brand group. It's one of six new electric Skodas planned in the next two years.


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