Porsche introduces exclusive 'Turbonite' trim to elevate Turbo models

Jet Sanchez
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The new 'Turbonite' badge for Porsche Turbo models.

The new 'Turbonite' badge for Porsche Turbo models.

Porsche has unveiled a new exclusive trim known as 'Turbonite' to distinguish its Turbo-badged models further. 

The renowned luxury carmaker, known for utilizing the 'Turbo' badge as a mark of distinction across its lineup, is introducing Turbonite to enhance the visual appeal of its high-performance models.

A new standard of elegeance

Porsche Turbonite

The iconic Porsche crest, recently revamped in honour of the brand's 75th anniversary, will now boast a sleek Turbonite finish instead of the traditional gold and red. This metallic grey hue, specially developed for Turbo models, will make its debut on the upcoming Porsche Panamera facelift.

Turbonite isn't limited to the crest; it will extend to various elements, including the lettering on the rear, window surround trim, wheels, and steering wheel. Depending on the model line, Turbonite will find its way into interior inlays, spokes, or aeroblades in light alloy wheels, adding a touch of exclusivity to the Porsche Turbo driving experience.

Turbonite extends inside

Porsche enthusiasts can expect Turbonite to make a statement inside the cabin as well. Interior inlays, spokes, aeroblades, trim strips, belt straps, and even physical buttons like the air conditioning control panel will showcase the Turbonite aesthetic.

"In 1974, we presented the first turbocharged 911. Since then, Turbo has become a synonym for our top models and is now more or less a brand of its own," shared Michael Mauer, Vice President of Style Porsche. "This is why we've developed a distinctive Turbo aesthetic. From now on, the Turbo versions will exhibit a consistent appearance across all model lines - one that is elegant, high-quality, and very special."

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