Porsche already working on next-gen Taycan with boosted range

Jet Sanchez
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The latest Porsche Taycan - coming to NZ later this year.

The latest Porsche Taycan - coming to NZ later this year.

Porsche is already setting the stage for the next-generation Taycan even before it lands in New Zealand

Only two months after the Taycan received a comprehensive update, Porsche has initiated development on its successor, promising further advancements and enhanced performance.

The next-gen Porsche Taycan

2024 Porsche Taycan range
The current Taycan Range: sports sedan, Cross Turismo and Sport Turismo.

In an informative conversation with Australia's CarSales, Sarah Razavi, the Taycan Manager of Charging and Energy Systems, revealed that the blueprint for the new Taycan is being laid out. 

Despite the current model's recent enhancements, the focus is now on transcending the limitations of the existing J1 platform, shared with the Audi E-Tron GT. 

Razavi hinted at a potential shift to the SSP Sport platform, which is poised to underpin a new breed of electric vehicles, including a sizeable three-row electric SUV.

"Once we publish one model, we already start work on the next one," Razavi stated, emphasising the continuous cycle of improvement and evolution at Porsche. 

She acknowledged the constraints of the current J1 architecture, particularly in achieving a greater driving range, a critical focus for the next-generation Taycan.

Pushing range boundaries

2024 Porsche Taycan New Zealand

The revised Taycan model introduced earlier this year boasted an impressive increase in WLTP range, reaching up to 678km - a significant leap of 175km or 35 per cent. 

This advancement underlines Porsche's commitment to mitigating range anxiety among EV owners. However, the quest for an even longer range continues, with the next-gen Taycan expected to further push these boundaries.

The integration of solid-state batteries was discussed but deemed premature for the upcoming iteration. "It's coming but it will take time," remarked Taycan product specialist Mayk Wienkötter, suggesting that while this technology is on Porsche's radar, it remains on the horizon.

Balancing act

2024 Porsche Taycan New Zealand

The challenge of incorporating a larger battery to extend range is countered by the resultant increase in vehicle weight. 

Razavi mentioned the engineering team's effort to "find the sweet spot," aiming to enhance the Taycan's range without compromising its dynamic performance. This delicate balance is crucial in preserving the Taycan's driving experience.

Beyond the Taycan

2024 Porsche Taycan New Zealand

Speculation around the Panamera's future, in light of the next-gen Taycan's development, has been swirling. 

A report from Autocar in September 2022 suggested that the Panamera could evolve into a larger electric vehicle, utilising the same SSP Sport platform. 

While it's too early for definitive answers, the possibility of an electric Panamera coexisting with a petrol variant mirrors Porsche's broader strategy. 

This approach is evident in the parallel development of electric and combustion engine versions of the Macan, Boxster, and Cayman, indicating a gradual transition to electrification across Porsche's lineup.


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