Petersen Museum, The Vault, Part 2

Dean Evans, Editor
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The Vault uncovers some rare gems

The Vault uncovers some rare gems

The Petersen Museum has become a must-see, must-do for any car enthusiasts visiting or even passing through Los Anegeles. Just a few mins from the heart of LA and Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, the Peteresen Automotive Museum underwent a massive renovation just a few years ago. While the museum itself is full of automotive treasure, the secret Vault had rumoured to be a special VIP-only experience for those with the contacts or special handshake. But the good news is, The Vault is now publicly accessible, and reveals so much more of the rich history of cars that form part of the Petersen Automotive Museum experience.

An add-on to the $20USD entry ticket is another $25USD ticket to The Vault. And while $75NZD might sting a little for one person, there is at least a half-day of automotive culture to take in. Once visitors have toured the public display, the The Vault offers a more concentrated look at some iconic car history.

There isn’t the displays and presentation of the upper floors, but for those who know what they’re looking at and for, there are some real gems, most with info boards even if you only partly recognise; some of the cars on show in The Vault during our time there included one of three gold DeLoreans produced for American Express, a Popemobile, Stephen Kind’s Christine, Speed Racer’s Mach 5, a GM EV1 and so much more.

With the Vault home to cars that are constantly moving, changing and rotating it’s rare the two visits would ever be the same, and while the Museum itself is a sight to behold, the Vault does offer a lot more, like a super sweet dessert.


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