Pagani Zonda reimagined as futuristic concept for 25th birthday

Jet Sanchez
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The Pagani Alisea pays homage to the iconic Zonda.

The Pagani Alisea pays homage to the iconic Zonda.

In 2024, we bear witness to a landmark anniversary - the 25th year since the inception of the Pagani Zonda, a machine that effectively redefined the hypercar genre. 

Marking this milestone, the European Institute of Design (IED) recently unveiled the striking Alisea concept car, a vision crafted by 24 of the school's top students to study the future of Pagani's iconic Zonda.

The birth of Alisea

Pagani Alisea

The Alisea concept serves as a tribute to the quarter-century legacy of the Pagani Zonda, encapsulating the essence of what has made the car a legend among enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

Horacio Pagani's original vision, blending the realms of art and automotive engineering, finds a new expression in the Alisea. 

This project, developed with Horacio's express approval, showcases a harmonious blend of innovative design and homage, ensuring the Zonda's spirit continues to thrive into the future.

A masterclass in design and aerodynamics

Pagani Alisea

The Alisea concept car is not just a tribute but a comprehensive reinterpretation of the Zonda's design philosophy.

Drawing inspiration from sources past, present and future, the most influential aspects include Renaissance-era design techniques, particularly from the hallowed works of master artist Leonardo da Vinci. 

The students at IED have crafted a vehicle that marries the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence with modern design trends. This blend of classical beauty and contemporary aesthetics is manifested in a car that boasts a mid-engine V12 setup, a homage to its Le Mans-inspired aerodynamic efficiency.

Pagani Alisea

The design details of the Alisea concept car emphasise the thoughtful consideration of aesthetics and functionality. From the longtail silhouette to the subtly integrated elements like chopped headlights and tinted taillights, every aspect of the Alisea has been meticulously put together. 

The use of satin paint highlights the vehicle's sculpted body, highlighting the designers' focus on simplicity and elegance.

Will we see the Pagani Alisea in production?

Pagani Alisea

While the Alisea concept car made its public debut in Italy, signalling a promising start to its journey, its fate as a production model remains uncertain - if not altogether hopeless.

As a collaborative project with Pagani, the Alisea stands alone as a unique concept symbolising creative invention and future possibilities. 

But despite the absence of specific powertrain details or performance claims, many remain hopeful. Pagani's history of fulfilling unique customer requests hints at the potential for a limited production run in the future, mirroring the exclusivity of past models like the Codalunga.

Pagani Alisea

The Alisea is not merely a celebration of the Pagani Zonda's 25th anniversary. It's a vision of the future, blending historical inspirations with modern design principles. 

Whether or not this concept car transitions to a production model, it's a remarkable feat that showcases the talents of the next generation of designers and the enduring legacy of the Pagani Zonda.


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