New online tool allows anyone to compare EV vs ICE vehicle emissions

Jet Sanchez
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The Australia-based Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) has launched an innovative online tool - a significant move towards promoting informed automotive choices. The Lifecycle Emissions Calculator offers drivers a precise comparison of the carbon emissions prevented by choosing an electric vehicle (EV) over traditional petrol or hybrid cars that use internal combustion engines (ICE).

Decoding emissions: from production to recycling

Mercedes-Benz EQE

The EVC's calculator presents a comprehensive view of a vehicle's environmental impact, accounting for emissions from the entire lifecycle, including production, fuel use, and recycling. This approach gives a holistic picture of the true carbon footprint of various vehicle types. The calculator displays CO2 emissions per kilometre and the total lifetime emissions, considering the specific electricity grid variations across Australian states and territories​​.

Comparative analysis: EVs vs petrol and hybrid cars

BYD Dolphin New Zealand
The BYD Dolphin - a light EV currently sold in Australia and New Zealand that is in the category said to produce 56.47 per cent fewer emissions over a comparable ICE vehicle.

The tool provides a detailed comparison of total lifetime CO2 emissions using electricity from the National Electricity Market (NEM), the Australian average. For instance, light EVs are shown to produce 56.47 per cent fewer emissions compared to light petrol vehicles. Similarly, medium SUV EVs emit 56.44 per cent less than their petrol counterparts. This data is crucial for consumers considering the environmental impact of their vehicle choice​​.

Ford Ranger New Zealand

When comparing EVs with hybrid vehicles, the calculator still shows a significant reduction in emissions for EVs. For example, light EVs result in 33.85 per cent fewer emissions than light hybrids, while medium SUV EVs have a 42.59 per cent advantage over medium SUV hybrids. These figures highlight the superior environmental performance of EVs even against hybrids, which are often considered a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional petrol vehicles​​.

Dispelling myths and looking to the future

LDV Et60 electric ute

Behyad Jafari, the EVC chief executive, emphasized the tool's role in challenging misconceptions about the environmental impact of electric vehicles. 

“Our calculator shows EVs are miles ahead of petrol vehicles in terms of climate impact. We have adopted a conservative approach in our calculations to assume all EVs are being made in locations with low renewable energy uptake, when in reality, many EV factories globally are starting to source 100 per cent renewable energy,” said Jafari.

A hub for EV resources

This calculator is part of the EVC’s new online consumer hub, designed as a comprehensive resource for Australian motorists considering transitioning to EVs. The hub offers a wealth of information, including home EV charging guides, a catalogue of available EVs in Australia, and clarification on various myths and misconceptions about electric vehicles​​.

For more information and to explore the calculator, visit

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