New BMW M2 coupe set for NZ in Q4 2024

Jet Sanchez
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The new BMW M2 Coupe is coming soon to NZ

The new BMW M2 Coupe is coming soon to NZ

BMW New Zealand has announced the upcoming launch of its new M2 Coupe, set for Q4 of this year.

This updated model promises a host of enhancements, most notably in power, torque and cutting-edge technology, aimed at providing a more exhilarating driving experience.

Enhanced performance

2025 BMW M2 Coupe New Zealand

The 2025 BMW M2 Coupe features a significant power boost, with its straight-six M TwinPower Turbo engine now producing 353kW, a 15kW increase over its predecessor.

This power surge is complemented by a notable increase in peak torque for the automatic variant, jumping from 550Nm to 600Nm.

2025 BMW M2 Coupe New Zealand

These performance improvements extend to acceleration times as well. The M2 with the six-speed manual transmission now achieves a 0 to 100km/h time of 4.2 seconds, shaving 0.1 seconds off the previous model's time.

The eight-speed M Steptronic Sport transmission variant also sees a similar improvement, now reaching 100km/h in 4.0 seconds.

BMW says both manual and automatic variants of the new M2 Coupe benefit from enhanced throttle mapping and response, ensuring more immediate and dynamic acceleration.

Tech and aesthetic updates

2025 BMW M2 Coupe New Zealand

Beyond the powertrain enhancements, the new BMW M2 Coupe boasts several technical and aesthetic upgrades.

The revised cockpit now features the latest BMW iDrive control system with QuickSelect and Operating System 8.5. BMW claims this system enhances the driver's interaction with the vehicle, providing more intuitive control over various functions.

Aesthetically, the new M2 is available in a wider array of paint finishes, including vibrant options such as BMW Individual Java Green and Voodoo Blue. The new M light-alloy wheel design, featuring a double-spoke design finished in silver, adds to the vehicle's sporty appeal.

2025 BMW M2 Coupe New Zealand

Inside, the cabin offers new M leather steering wheel options, including a flat-bottomed rim with modified spokes and a red centre marker. The Vernasca leather upholstery, standard on New Zealand models, can now be ordered in a striking red/black bi-colour variant.

Additionally, the lightweight M Carbon bucket seats are available as an individual option, enhancing comfort and sportiness.

Interestingly, BMW New Zealand continues to offer the manual transmission option for the M2 Coupe, a unique proposition in this segment. This commitment to providing a more engaging driving experience is a standout feature for enthusiasts who prefer the tactile feedback of a manual gearbox.

Pricing and availability

2025 BMW M2 Coupe New Zealand

The New Zealand pricing and detailed specifications of the new BMW M2 Coupe will be revealed next month, with customer deliveries scheduled to begin in the final few months of 2024.

In related news, BMW has also unveiled the refreshed 2025 2 Series Coupe, featuring many of the same enhancements bestowed on the new M2. The two vehicles are mechanically related, of course, with the more affordable 2 Series historically serving as the base for the performance-oriented M2. 


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