New Aston Martin Vantage teased ahead of February debut

Jet Sanchez
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Video / Automotive Mike/YouTube

Aston Martin is set to unveil the latest iteration of its Vantage sports car on 12th February. 

This highly anticipated debut promises to showcase what is described as "the fastest and most exhilarating example" of the Vantage series. 

2024 Aston Martin Vantage New Zealand
Aston Martin has teased the new Vantage's side gills.

The teaser image and information released thus far hint at a significant refresh rather than an entirely new model, building on the legacy of the brand's iconic nameplate.

Performance powerhouse

The heart of the new Vantage is expected to be a tuned version of the AMG-sourced twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine. 

This power plant, already impressive in its current form with a 375kW output, is anticipated to be uprated for the new Vantage. 

For context, the same unit powers the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 with an output boosted to 430kW, suggesting the potential prowess of the new Vantage's powertrain​​​​.

Evolutionary styling

Spy shots, videos, and teaser images reveal that while the new Vantage maintains familiar proportions, it introduces significant updates, particularly at the front. The redesigned face features new fender-mounted headlights and a slightly smaller grille. 

The footage also shows restyled front fenders and extended rear wheel arches, indicating a more aggressive stance. Following the lead of the DB12, the interior is also expected to see major updates, including advanced tech features like the next-generation Apple CarPlay.

Pricing and market position

While specific pricing details are yet to be announced, the new Vantage will likely see a price increase over the current model, which starts at £133,920 (NZ$278k). 

This aligns with Aston Martin's strategy to establish itself as a profitable luxury brand. The larger DB12, for reference, is expected to start at around £185,000 (NZ$384k)​​.

More than speed

Aston Martin emphasises that the new Vantage is not just about raw performance metrics. The focus is also on driving purity and the sheer joy of handling a finely tuned sports car. 

This approach resonates with the ethos of "real drivers," as mentioned by F1 driver Fernando Alonso in a promotional teaser, where he highlights the importance of a sports car's ability to offer an engaging driving experience​​.


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