Mini is working on in-vehicle mixed reality tech

Jet Sanchez
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Can Mini Mixed Reality change how we drive?

Can Mini Mixed Reality change how we drive?

Mini has shown us a glimpse at an intriguing new technological advancement called Mini Mixed Reality, blending the virtual with the real to augment the driving experience. 

This innovative system allows drivers to immerse themselves in a digitally enhanced reality without ever leaving their vehicle, creating an entirely new way to enjoy the road.

How Mini Mixed Reality works

Mini Mixed Reality
Mini Mixed Reality headset

Imagine climbing into your new all-electric Mini Cooper and putting on a virtual reality (VR) headset, only to find that your surroundings have seamlessly transformed. 

The windows of your car now display a vivid, dynamic Mini Virtual Reality World created through cutting-edge VR tech.

Despite the virtual scenery, drivers maintain full awareness of their physical surroundings, aided by external camera streams. 

This dual-reality setup enhances the visual appeal of a drive and integrates smoothly with the vehicle's actual navigation through the physical world.

Mini Mixed Reality

The essence of Mini Mixed Reality lies in its intricate system comprising a high-end PC specifically tailored to run the bespoke MINI VR World software. 

This system streams content directly to the VR headset with precise headset tracking, synchronised acceleration sensors, ambient sound adjustments and integrated vehicle interface devices converging to produce an immersive and responsive driving environment.

Beyond driving

Mini Mixed Reality

Mini Mixed Reality goes beyond conventional driving; Mini says it's essentially an exploration into the creative prowess behind Mini Design and an expression of the brand's core values. 

This technology could change how we drive while offering a new perspective on the world, inviting users to see their surroundings through an entirely different lens—literally.

As part of the BMW Group, this technology is currently being employed for various test and validation purposes, including user studies aimed at refining automated driving systems. 

The potential applications for such technology are vast, ranging from gaming integrations to innovative partnerships, hinting at a future where driving and digital entertainment are seamlessly intertwined.

There are concerns, of course, primarily with safety and regulatory requirements before widespread adoption. But Mini can hopefully put enough manpower and hours into this thing to make it more viable.


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