Mini Aceman EV teased in camo, to debut this April

Jet Sanchez
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The Mini Aceman EV is gearing up for its much-anticipated debut, showing off its production-ready (albeit camo-heavy) form in recent photos shared by Mini.

Set to be unveiled at the Auto China show on 24 April, the Aceman represents a strategic addition to Mini's lineup, positioning itself between the iconic Mini Cooper hatchback and the larger Countryman SUV.

Practicality and style

Mini Aceman EV New Zealand

The Aceman's design is a harmonious blend of Mini's signature aesthetic and the practical demands of a small SUV. 

The brand's newest model stands out with its angular LED lights and a notably taller body, distinguishing it from the more compact Cooper. 

Despite these changes, it retains the classic Mini feel with its short overhangs and signature greenhouse.

In terms of dimensions, the Aceman stretches 4075mm in length, 1754mm in width, and 1495mm in height. 

Mini Aceman EV New Zealand

This makes it 217mm longer than the Cooper, suggesting a more spacious interior with a five-seat cabin and an expanded boot capacity. 

Yet, its length is 354mm shorter than the Countryman, hinting at a more agile and nimble driving experience, ideal for urban settings.

Electrification at its core

Mini Aceman EV New Zealand

What sets the Aceman apart in the Mini family is its commitment to electrification.

Unlike other models that offer both internal combustion engine (ICE) and battery electric vehicle (BEV) options, the Aceman is exclusively an EV. 

It is expected to feature a 54.2kWh battery, mirroring the capacity of the Cooper SE. This could translate to a similar power output, with a single electric motor producing around 160 kW and driving the front wheels.

Mini has hinted at the possibility of a John Cooper Works (JCW) trim for the Aceman, which would follow the precedent set by the Cooper SE JCW. This would mean sportier styling and chassis enhancements, though without an increase in power.

Mini's vision for the future

Mini Aceman EV New Zealand

Stefanie Wurst, the head of Mini, emphasises the Aceman's role in the brand's future, stating, “The all-electric Aceman opens new opportunities for customers who want a smaller crossover than our successful Countryman. The consistent electrification of our product portfolio makes a clear statement about the future of the Mini brand”.

The Aceman's debut at the Auto China show is a nod to its global appeal, with production set to commence in China by the end of 2024. However, to cater to its diverse market, the Aceman will also see production at Mini's Oxford plant in the UK starting in 2026.

This blend of practicality, style, and electrification in the Mini Aceman EV demonstrates Mini's commitment to evolving with the times while staying true to its heritage. It's a small SUV that doesn't just bridge the gap in Mini's lineup but also connects the past with an electrified future.


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