Mercedes-BYD's Denza Z9 GT EV revealed with 710kW

Jet Sanchez
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The Denza Z9 GT. Photo / Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)

The Denza Z9 GT. Photo / Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)

Following last week's teasers of the Denza Z9 GT, the all-electric shooting brake has been revealed sans camo by Chinese regulators.

The powerhouse on wheels from Mercedes-Benz and BYD comes equipped with three electric motors and an impressive total output of 710kW. 

Set to premiere at the Auto China show in Beijing on April 25, the Z9 GT is stirring excitement due to its likely global launch.

Big power, big weight

Denza Z9 GT New Zealand

The dimensions of the Z9 GT make it a giant among wagons. 

With a length of 5180 mm and a wheelbase of 3125 mm, it surpasses the size of one of its potential rivals, the Porsche Taycan

Not only is it vast in size, but the Z9 GT also boasts a significant weight of 2875 kg, positioning it as one of the heaviest EVs in the market, heavier even than the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV.

A question of performance

Denza Z9 GT New Zealand

Denza has not held back in the performance department. The front motor delivers 230kW, while each rear motor offers 240kW. The 710kW total output trounces all previous speculation about the vehicle's power.

Although acceleration details remain under wraps, the flagship sedan can reportedly reach a top speed of 240km/h. 

Such specifications are indicative of the Z9 GT's ability to balance substantial size with formidable speed and power.

And with a Blade LFP battery almost certainly in tow, the Z9 GT promises substantial range and industry-leading battery performance.

Design and aesthetics

Denza Z9 GT New Zealand

Visually, the Z9 GT impresses. It features angular headlights and a sculpted bumper that houses large air intakes, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. 

The vehicle's side profile is equally striking, with aerodynamically efficient wheels, flush door handles, and bold creases that emphasise its dynamic nature. 

At the rear, LED taillights, a roof spoiler, and a deployable secondary spoiler distinguish it from other models, adding to its unique appeal.

Global aspirations

Denza Z9 GT New Zealand

With plans to launch the Denza Z9 GT globally, BYD aims to make even more of an impact in the EV market, starting with a European debut next year. 

This move is expected to boost Denza's visibility and sales, which already saw over 10,000 vehicles sold in the first quarter of 2024. 

Prospects of a New Zealand launch remain unclear, but the Z9 GT's global model designation inspires a bit of hope.


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