Mercedes-AMG set to launch Porsche Taycan-rivalling sports EV in 2025

Jet Sanchez
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Mercedes-AMG's upcoming super sports sedan in camo

Mercedes-AMG's upcoming super sports sedan in camo

Mercedes-AMG has officially thrown down the gauntlet with a sneak peek of its forthcoming electric sports sedan. 

Touted to debut in 2025, this four-door electric vehicle (EV) is poised to challenge the dominance of high-performance EVs like the new Porsche Taycan

This production version of the Vision AMG concept is expected to boast over 746kW, potentially redefining the luxury electric sports sedan market.

AMG's electric ambitions

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door EV

Mercedes-AMG has long been synonymous with high-performance luxury vehicles, and now, it's taking a bold step into the future with its latest electric initiative. 

The anticipated EV will be the first to utilise the groundbreaking AMG.EA architecture, designed exclusively for electric AMG models. 

This innovative platform is engineered to enhance both power and agility, promising a more engaging driving experience for AMG's electric age.

Spy shots of prototypes, draped in enigmatic camouflage, offer glimpses into the EV's design, which draws heavily from the striking Vision AMG concept. 

Its sleek, low-riding silhouette and aerodynamic profile signal a departure from the more conservative EQS, with a sportier stance underscored by a lengthy hood and pronounced rear shoulders.

What lies beneath

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door EV

Incorporating advanced technology, including lightweight electric motors from Yasa and a compact, high-density battery from Sila Nanotechnologies, this electric sedan is expected to pack around 746 kW. 

This puts it well ahead of the plug-in hybrid AMG GT 4-door and squarely in the realm of electric supercars.

A challenge to Porsche's reign

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG Concept
Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept from 2022

The unveiling of Mercedes-AMG's electric sports sedan represents a direct challenge to Porsche's electric supremacy, epitomised by the Taycan. 

As it stands, the Taycan Turbo GT's lap records have set a high bar for electric performance, but Mercedes-AMG is no stranger to competition.

With a launch date set for 2025, this electric AMG is expected to offer a compelling alternative to the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door, blending traditional performance with the latest in EV tech. 


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