Meet the first EV you can charge to 80% in under five minutes

Jet Sanchez
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Nyobolt's Lotus-based EV prototype

Nyobolt's Lotus-based EV prototype

After teasing its cutting-edge battery tech last year, startup Nyobolt has unveiled a game-changing development that promises to revolutionise electric vehicle (EV) charging times.

Nyobolt's new battery can charge from 10% to 80% in just 4 minutes and 37 seconds, comparable to the time it takes to refuel a conventional petrol vehicle.

This breakthrough was demonstrated in a prototype sports car, built on a Lotus platform, which emphasises the rapid charging potential of this breakthrough technology.

Breaking the limits

Nyobolt EV prototype

Nyobolt claims their battery charges “twice as fast as most of the fastest charging vehicles today.”

During the initial four minutes, the battery charges at a constant current of 500A, providing a range of approximately 193 km. However, this impressive speed comes with a notable limitation: the battery’s capacity is a modest 35 kWh.

To put this in perspective, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid features a 17.3 kWh battery, while the MINI Aceman EV offers batteries ranging from 42.5 to 54.2 kWh.

Range and practicality

Nyobolt EV prototype

The Nyobolt prototype, despite its rapid charging ability, has a relatively short WLTP range of just 249km.

This limitation is primarily due to the small battery capacity. While the reduced range may appear to be a drawback, Nyobolt highlights the advantages of a lighter battery that can be recharged swiftly, potentially offsetting the limited range for certain use cases.

Advanced battery tech

Nyobolt EV prototype

Nyobolt’s battery technology leverages “next-generation patented carbon and metal oxide anode materials” along with an “innovative low impedance cell design” and integrated power electronics. T

his sophisticated setup aims to address common issues related to battery degradation. Remarkably, their 24.5Ah cells have successfully endured over 4000 full depth of discharge (DoD) fast charge cycles, which translates to more than 965,606km of usage, while still retaining over 80% of their original capacity.

The sports car prototype features a 350 kW DC fast charging capability and a lightweight design, weighing only 1250 kg. It was developed in collaboration with Callum, a renowned design and engineering firm, ensuring that low-volume production is feasible.

Nyobolt EV prototype

Although Nyobolt has not confirmed plans for mass production, the company has stated that they could commence low-volume battery production within a year.

Nyobolt’s innovative battery technology represents a significant step forward in the EV industry, potentially addressing one of the major barriers to widespread EV adoption—long charging times.

While the current prototype’s range may be limited, the rapid charging capability and advanced battery design offer a promising glimpse into the future of electric mobility. If Nyobolt can scale up production and enhance battery capacity, they could well be on the path to transforming the EV market.


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